Tell the Dark a Secret EP

by J. Chance



released May 23, 2014


all rights reserved



Obscure Me Records New Haven, Connecticut

Record label based in New Haven, CT

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Track Name: Roll Over
This is where he saw
defeated followers and they’re
wallowing in the flames
right next to...

This is where he saw
his assistant
slowly open up his jaws
upright he rears
from off the Pool.

Tell me now or tell me later
this aint gonna hurt

and the flames rolled back
open space where he’d been laying.
wallowing in the flames
wallowing in the flames
Track Name: These Are Dark Times
left her at the train
had a radio high
left her waiting…
never said so long

Left her waiting
tell me how many years
left her waiting
these are dark times

Everything's a problem
for you..
my friend
manifest it all in your head
exploded out your ears

walking thru
heart of darkness
as i go
everything around me
has to go.
these are dark times

left her at the train
had the radio high
tell me lady...
never said so long

Left her waiting
tell me how many years
telling her i was waiting
these dark times
Track Name: Go
hey hey Cymbals crashing
i dunno but the angels are clashing
hey hey its cymbals crashing
the sky it fell

hi hi everybody’s part of the show now
aged and ancient mariners fight and complain

I could be you….

drugs wore off my brain is fine
the tin is smashed violent rain
next time time we’re off
couldn’t help but clashing
the skies that scoffs.
wings that fall breaking

I could be you…

i’m lost with out the wind.
i’m lost with out yr flames.
i’m lost with out my sins.
i’m lost without yr games.
Track Name: Tell the Dark A Secret
help me...
i won't wake up
i lost my will
I’m lost still

tell me...
i’m going home
i’m going back

Dodge me
blank me out
color my hair
blank me out

i hear the birds
i hear the crows
eating the worms

follow me
in to the dead
eternal rest

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