Hamilton Primes

by Native MODE



A mass disappearance takes place at a night club.


released February 14, 2015

Native MODE - All Sounds
Mastered by Jayson Munro


all rights reserved



Obscure Me Records New Haven, Connecticut

Record label based in New Haven, CT

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Track Name: mr. gravy
I'm here. I'm here and this is my place. Packed to walls with people drinking and relaxing, they are truly satisfied. And that's a hard thing to do. But I'm good at being hard yeah somebody had better take a look right at me now
The girls are lookin lovely, the bar is stocked with top notch scotch, waiting for me, waiting for the room. I'm not so sure just how it could get much better, but I'm willing to give it a try. cuz I'm scheming on the room
The room is turning ugly. I feel like somethings going wrong, stop the song, turn on all the lights, its a crowd of chaos now, rushing all around. I can't imagine what went wrong but its insanity. Thunder wall to wall.
Its going down tonite
All the people run off filled with fear and everything I worked for disappears
My minds ruined
And its so unclear because of all the beers and all I'll hear is tears for my remaining years
Track Name: point-five
ive seen some things that i swear i just cant explain
ive had some visions and i have been displaced
ive lived some moments that truly felt surreal
but nothing could prepare me for what happened today
how can i know, how can i know if what i saw was real?
id had a lot to drink
how can i know, how can i know if what i saw was real?
why do i trust my eyes again
there were some hundreds and we were all in The Slur
and then without any warning something occurred
people were screaming their friends had disappeared, but
how can they know, how can they know if what they saw was real?
and not mass hysteria
how can they know?
but i believe it when i see the look on their faces
the music stopped and we were all asked to leave
just before i moved i saw my sleeve
a drop or two of blood fell from above
followed by the lower half of what once was a man
i went up the stairs!
and i believed it when i saw the look that he had on his face
on his face
Track Name: enamel
i will take the bait if you can help me simulate some comfort
i havent slept right since it took place friday night and now im
delirious, at my wits end. and i am not certain of anything
and theres something to be said for time
and how it mangles memory
but i will break the stasis and slow recall
but i dont know, maybe i didnt see anything
maybe i didnt see anything at all
was it real or was it all inside my mind?
yes, i was one of the ones inside
and several people vanished
if i believe my eyes and if they are right then we’re in real big trouble now
skull and rex up in the mezzanine
i was joining them suggesting that we flee the scene
and in between blinks i swear i saw the fade
or maybe thats something brains fabricate
but when i got my eyes alert and clear
things were so perplexing as they appeared
and the whole club surrendered to a sudden fear
just as i discovered rex had disappeared
the air was filling up with screams and tears
so i ran home and hid inside my room
Track Name: dutch & hank
at night especially fridays
restless i get to walking
i get old hank leashed and i go down to chester field
i love the air at night
i love the stillness and quiet
but this nights unscheduled findings
include two confused foundlings
with drinks and dressed up in opposing corners of chester field
with no clues of how they got there
no inkling at all
and when i told them where they were
they both said they were at The Slur two dozen miles away
at night especially fridays
i think about the two of them
and authentic confusion on each of their faces
i dont know how it could be true, i dont know how it could be true
Track Name: hamilton primes
purse my lips how can this be
as sudden madness overtakes the scene
and how did i move 20 feet?
everyones alight with fear and thats the worst thing
for the circumstance
thats the worst thing
everyones a victim here!
not one of us made it out unscathed
on my hand in black sharpie
looks like i was number 43
im shook but think myself lucky.

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